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Praddy is a leading Portuguese furniture manufacturer for contractual purposes, born and raised in a city with centuries of the richest history in handicraft and furniture manufacturing in Portugal.

Inheriting the passion and know-how of many past generations, and believe in the creativity of those who are yet to come, Praddy aims to extend and enhance this culture to worldwide recognition.

Company values


Being the project area our core business, our main focus is to provide our professional customers with the best tools to achieve success. Our studio works full time to carry out projects and help ensure that the intended is achieved.


The base of any relationship, be it a business or a personal matter, is established in trust. Our customers put their dreams in our hands, we do everything to keep our word and never, ever fail a commitment.


We put our whole heart into every effort we believe to be our greatest guarantee of dedication and commitment.


Perfection does not exist, but that is not reason enough not to pursue it. Striving for excellence and quality has been our way from the first day, from our products to our services, we continually evaluate our work to grow properly.